So I made this thing…

What did I do today? I’m glad you asked.

I spent like all evening/night doing this for the Be My Muse Contest over at RMW.

It’s silly, I’m warning you.

Read more to see details and such.

The Captain and his crew are in a pinch. Their still image ship sank!
They managed to save their loot and are now storing it away in their new hideout, but without a new ship, they’re stuck!
You wouldn’t let them just stay in a tiny island to rot, would you?
Think of the poor Captain’s feelings T-T

So yeah, I kinda went off the deep end in this one, sorry. OTL
Everything that’s going on:
-Captain and first mate lamenting on the situation.
-Passed out drunk pirate (x3)
-Actually working pirates (only one)
-Manliness contest (actually skipping work, and not impressing anyone)
-One pirate saying it’s dangerous to go into unexplored caves, and the other calling the first a wuss.
-Two pirates investigating the local wildlife (and about to need medical help)
-One pirate having a (bad) idea (the first mate will kick your ass if you try to pocket that)

And here’s the empty map in case you wanna look at details:

Tiles: Lunarea, Liberty, Mack, Ying, Indrah
Sprites: Rallypoint, DMDSottore, Scinaya, Archeia

Thoughts? (By the way, this isn’t for any specific game or anything. Game screenshots will come soon enough, from the Halloween Contest game :D)


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