News, shops, progress

So, what have I been doing?

Comissions, Halloween Entry, rereading One Piece.

Let’s go one at a time. I finally gathered by courage and plunged into the world of fame and money and opened a map comissions shop. If you feel your mapping is not up to par with your project, hey, you can hire me! There’s a bunch of examples and testimonials you can read to see if my skill is what you need or not. Check it out:

Indra’s Mapping Workshop

Next. Archeia Nessiah started a very interesting topic at RMW, the Game Making Drive. Basically it’s a community log where people write down their regular (this is the important bit) game development. It’s a good way to motivate productivity and to get some publicity out there, so I got in. You can read my progress on the Halloween contest entry on the same topic or in my RMW blog. (I made one there so I would not swamp this one with minor dev rants.)

And…I’ve been reading One Piece. Lay off, it’s a great manga and it’s not like I can pull 17 hour dev stints ALL THE DARN TIME. I’d die! ;M;

Anyway, back to work! Deadline is the 30th (or 31? I forget) so we’re busting it out over our contest entry right now. I finished the mapping (mostly, what’s left still needs to have Fomar look at it) and working on the writing and events now, while Fomar is wailing at the gameplay. (Have I commented on how nice it is that I don’t have to worry about gameplay or scripts? Because it totally is.)


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