Adventures in translation

So this just happened…

[16:51:34] Indrah: WHO THE SHIT
[16:51:38] Indrah: LEFT THE FUCKIGN SKILLS
[16:51:41] Indrah: IN JAPANASE
[16:51:49] Indrah: Indrah flips table
[16:52:03] Indrah: Battle Breathing
[16:52:05] Indrah: because FUCK YOU
[16:52:11] Fomar0153: hmm?
[16:52:14] Fomar0153: skills in jap?
[16:52:16] Indrah: Shintou Mekkyaku could mean Raging bees for all i know
[16:52:19] Indrah: in the database
[16:52:30] Fomar0153: where’s that?
[16:52:36] Indrah: around skill
[16:52:39] Indrah: *100
[16:52:43] Indrah: theres a few
[16:52:43] Fomar0153: ah ok
[16:52:47] Fomar0153: never noticed
[16:52:51] Fomar0153: I usually wipe the skills
[16:53:44] Fomar0153: shintou  【 振盪 ·震盪 ·震蕩 】 ↪Kanji Details
(n, vs) shock; impact; concussion
[16:53:53] Fomar0153: mekkyaku  【 滅却 】 ↪Kanji Details
(n, vs) extinguishment; destruction; effacement
[16:53:55] Indrah: they can eat a dick
[16:53:58] Indrah: im winging it
[16:54:05] Indrah: not like the skills names are anythign fancy in any freaking case
[16:54:13] Fomar0153: Shocking Destruction
[16:54:20] Indrah: dude its a skill that augments tp
[16:54:21] Indrah: :v
[16:54:34] Laundry-Paladin: Destructive Impact?
[16:54:39] Indrah: to what? your liver?
[16:54:40] Indrah: XD
[16:54:43] Indrah: OW THE PAIN
[16:54:45] Indrah: RAGE RISING
[16:54:54] Fomar0153: Multiple Organ Failure Powered TP Increase
[16:54:57] Laundry-Paladin: yes he feels his liver tearing up
[16:54:58] Indrah: omg stop
[16:55:02] Indrah: i gotta work i cant die of lols


Nobody panic, we’re still working

So today I got a mysterious anon question in (which is weird in itself because I don’t have that linked anywhere and WHY would a stranger talk to me through that I don’t know, and if it’s not a stranger why anon?) that asked “where I was nowadays”.

Going over it with some friends (because it was puzzling. Who’s asking that they don’t already know? Where else would I be?) I decided it MAY be someone who is not really close to me but somehow is interested in our game making…or well, I’ll just take this as a chance to update the blog. Anything works.

SO! Long story short, I’m working in In Search of Dragons. It’s going slowly, and honestly it’s pretty ARG work becuase it’s not the game I’d WANT to be working on. It’s the game we HAVE to work on, since after THAT we will move on to attempt a commercial game, and just abandoning dragons is somethign I don’t WANT to do. (Still, Dragons, bro, fuck you.)

So basically I have to revise and renew everything, because Dragons is now OLD (we put out four games since then, holy fuck this game is a writing mess). The old plot is done and revised, lotsa changed detials, scenes, and all that crap. Fomar is hijacking the gameplay and working his magic. It’s slow work, but we’re getting shit done, and with some luck we’ll be able to put out a polished demo around next month or so, I hope (by polished I mean the intro fo the FINISHED game, while we finish up the rest of the testing and so on).

I may as well say it here too: we’ll put out word for testers when It’s time (not quite yet but soonish). We’ll put a recruitment notice in the forums, but if anyone is interested send me the word (and by the way, testing means grueling, annoying, “try to find typos and break the game” fiddling, not just “playing the game early”, so if you just want to do that, believe me, don’t ask for testing because I am a royal PAIN to deal with when testing (and you know, generally, but especially when testing))

If anyone is interested I’m also looking for some savvy english speaking/native people to go over the script (and by this I mean the TEXT parts only, no gameplay) to check for the bane of my existence: typos and weird english usages or errors and all that jazz >3<

If anyone’s up to it send me a pm or get in contact with me and we’ll talk~

And….that’s it! We’re still working, so if anyone out there is worrying that we’ve dissapeared off the map, don’t fret. We’re still banging away.

The Grumpy Knight Re-release! (Did I srsly forget a title for a big deal release omg)

Take 2: the rebirth! Actually no.

Behold as I completely missed mentioning we released a new build of The Grumpy Knight! Shows how lazy I was at the time.

Anyway, we improved the overall and more stuff: made a new character to recruit, a new boss, new equipment, added difficulty levels, and hey, my personal favourite: online achievements! (Fomar made a really cool script for it, pity my graphic skill is a bit lame in comparison XD)

So go go get it and get an online account for them achievementssss~ We’ll be re-releasing all our completed games this way, so achievements for all~

What else…I’ll be honest: after released In Search of Immortality I was a lazy bitch for an entire month. Sad, but true. I seem to have shaken off my funk, thankfully, and we’re pounding In Search of Dragons at the moment. I’m going over the entire thing and cutting fluff, fixing shit, building new things here and there…Not entirely rebuilding, but some heavy work. With some luck we’ll manage to cut off some of the unnecessary parts and streamline it all…I hope.  Fomar will also be taking over gameplay, so expect a system similar to Immortality with heaps of improvement! (Plus it’s a longer game, meaning more battles to develop gameplay~)

And…stuff. I’ll spare you guys the details and will put up some more stuff at a time when I’m more coherent.


Edit: Ohmagad I srsly forgot to pout a title in the fucking post, wtf fail XDD

So…how about another game?

So…it’s been two months. I don’t suppose you’d like to play another game? Because…well.

Now with a big ass banner I’m way too lazy to crop! Look, it’s been three days of absolute mayhem, lay off ;A;

Do…do I really need to say much? It’s an rpg, with comedy (and serious, this time!) elements. CTB, 2-3 hours of gameplay, four characters with radically different classes and a nice storyline…and I’m way too tired to even try to come up with a selling pitch. Read the topic for details, download the game, and most importantly…

Please give us your feedback!

That is all. Go on and enjoy the game.

Game Making Drive, take two!

So, another Game Making Drive is on, and I’m participating daily again.

It should not be too hard, as it’s been already a couple of weeks with hard work every day, and since the game is nowhere near finished…

Day 1

Short Version: Worked on In Search of Dragons’ subquest eventing.

Long Version:

For about a couple of weeks now I’ve been hard at working on Dragons. Mostly…well, let’s just go out with it and say the truth: I wildly overestimated myself, and underestimated the amount of content left to do.

It’s the same difference in effort from “idea” to “execution”. What I thought would be no work at all, proved to be a monumental amount of sheer crap that OH MY GOD LET IT END WHY DOES IT NEVER END!?

I totally agree, Damon. This is bullshit.

But nope! I’ve not even gotten into the bloody gameplay tweaking, I’m still eventing! And there’s a ton of it left!

My only consolation is that it’s getting DONE. I admit some corners have been left a bit rough because I want it OUT ALREADY, but well, I’ll leave polishing scenes with fancy effects when I’m not seething at the sheer amount of quests left to do.

So…I should say: there’s a LOT of subquests in Dragons. Fuck, and the subquests have a LOT of dialog going on (good dialog, I hope). They’re not the “fetch me tea and I’ll give you an item” type (there are those too, but not that many and they’re very simple to make anyway); but real, tits out, plot involved subquests. They explain a LOT of the backstory, so I refuse to just cut them out, because I’m a pigheaded idiot.

Most of them are related to the temple, and only ONE (which is basically a long chain of critical scenes with no actual gameplay that wraps up the whole temple arc) is left to do (for tomorrow). After that, I’ll have some quests OUTSIDE the temple, but thankfully they are not as long or confusing (hah, here’s hoping I’m not underestimating them again).

It’s also hilarious to me that the temple, where most of these subquests happen, has no random encounters at all. In exchange, there’s a bazillion bosses and minibosses.

Ah, did I forget to say? This is all the PRE-ENDGAME stuff. Once you get into the last dungeon (which is pretty big) there’ll be a few more, and there’s also different endings to event. Coupled with the fact that I have to split a lot of content in Normal/True routes, it’s a pain. Hah. Kill me now.


Also a small question, what do you guys think about multiple endings?

What I mean is: so far, Dragons is designed so that if during a critical event during the game you take the “easy” way, you’ll be stuck to the Normal route, which nets you the mediocre ending. IF during the critical event you take the “hard” way, you’ll be on the True route.

However, this does not give you the best endings directly! It just LETS you take the true route subquests (that are giving me so much fucking trouble). Completing subquest chains will eventually lead you to triggering certain factors that influence the ending.

Basically, if you finish ALL the subquests (and there are a lot of them) you get the best ending. If you don’t, you’ll get a mediocre, normal or so-so endings, depending on how many triggers you made for the end.

So…what was I saying? Right. Is this TOO MUCH WORK for the best ending? Or is it fair?

This means that if you make the wrong choice before the “sidequest time” phase (before moving on to the last dungeon, basically) you’ll be stuck on a route with no chance for the best game, and locked out of a lot of content (the plot related one). Even the Last dungeon will be a different experience somewhat if you don’t have the proper triggers.

Is this fair? I will try to balance it out by giving New game + bonuses once you unlock certain endings so going again through the beginning of it won’t be as annoying, but still…I’m a bit scared that people could get severely pissed off when they learn they have to start again if they want the true ending and do a long list of subquests.


Well, besides this whole insecurity and whining: development is going well. I’m also working on a commission at night, but so far they get along well enough and I have some time to work on Dragons and the commission both.

I’m working at a good pace, and in a week or maybe two, I should have all the subquests pre-endgame done, leaving me with the last dungeon and the endings to make.

And then comes gameplay and polishing EVERYTHING and testing and…all that. But it’s still some ways off, so I’d rather keep focused.

So that’s day one, and a small (hah, yeah right) summary of my latest period of silence. Cya tomorrow. (I will keep my small, no big explain entries at the forum blow over here so as not to clutter the main blog with inane “i evented” posts.)



Holiday season

So, hey!

I’ve been quiet for a while, as promised.

I’m doing fine with work, even sneaking some tinkering on Dragons when I have the time.

Today I merely wanted to share this. It’s my family outing of the season, so to speak.

Only, it’s a cave. Like, a real one you can visit.

Not a videogame, is what I mean.

Yeah, my family is…special. In a good way, I guess.

Anyway, here you go, have a pic album with comments and all ->

Will be buried under a pile of maps till January ends

So, sadly this is a public notice: I will not be available for developing my own games or taking new commissions until February.

The reason is extremely simple: I’ve accepted a HUGE map commission with a deadline, and it will absorb 90% of my entire time. I will resume development as soon as I finish, and with some luck (of PLEASE) I’ll be able to bat Dragons out of the “In progress” label and in to the “FUCKIGN COMPLETED BAYBEH, OH YISS!” box.

On other news! I finished another commissioned area and it came out nice enough that I feel I can confidently show it off. Here it is! (Map now belongs to Rengoku).

Click here to view! (It’s too big to just show here).

Mapping Helpesk opens!

I’ve made a Mapping Helpdesk over at RMW! Be sure to check it out and ask away!

Click here to go to the Mapping Helpdesk!

Its purpose is to give help and advice to mapping questions. Don’t know how to map mountains? Lava Temple doesn’t quite look like you’d like to? Swing by and shoot us a question and we’ll try to help!

On other news, comission is being worked on and steadily advanced. More than half of the final details are done, not much else to go!

After comission gets done, I’ll be working intensively on dragons. Some further details here:

“Dead Moon Night” complete and ready to download!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is official: Dead Moon Night is finished.

Clicky on the purdy skelly below to go to game topic and DOWNLOAD THE GAME, PEOPLES!

Posted Image

So, this is what I’ve been doing for a month instead of working in In Search for Dragons. Blame the halloween contest ;M;

And it may not be perfect, but let’s be honest, we had a severe cased of “Omg deadline closing in” and half the fucking game was done in a week so give me a break, it’s good enough.

So, this little bastard sapped my creative juices for a month. Do you know what comes next, now that it’s over? In Search of Dragons!

No, wait. I have a commission to do. Derp. Oh well, I may fondle Dragons a few minutes a day just to keep myself happy. Owen, I’m coming for you. Wait for me! ;m;

So yeah, just…go play the darn game and give me yo feedbacks, peeps and peepettes.