Woops, almost forgot. Have a new game. It’s finished~

So, the result of two weeks of cursing at Ace Lite is done. Click on image to go to game page~

Enjoy. It’s a cute game, give us ye feedback! >D

If you liked the game, please vote for us in the contest over at RMN! (Over here: http://rpgmaker.net/events/rm_ace_lite_cook_off/)


3 responses to “Woops, almost forgot. Have a new game. It’s finished~

  1. *sway* I still haven’t played it because I want to give some of the others a fair chance before I, obviously, vote for this.

  2. Hi, I played this nice game and i realized a few minor bugs.

    When Victoria bosses around, it appears in the text message “Diana do something” instead of “Victorya do something”. I believe “Diana” was the old name for Victoria… must be a hardcoded string or something in the scripts…

    By the way, “Diana raises taxes while no one is paying attention” – this made me laugh :D. Although this happens all the time in the real world =/

    Another bug is that somehow, using the death scyth, I managed to get negative blood runes (-4 blood runes). I don’t know how this happened, but still…
    I think its related with some bone rune skill, that one that last several turns, but i’m not sure… I couldn’t make it happen again.

    About the game itself… what I liked most of the game were the characters and also the silly situation Elsa finds herself in. I also liked the art of the game.

    But about the difficulty, I think the game is too easy… only the last boss and the special monster gives a little challenge, and this in the hard mode.

    Hm by the way, is it possible to defeat that trap chest ? I managed to give him so much damage but he never dies… I managed to get the Ice Ring only.

    • Woops, I totally forgot to actually make a post here about the new release of tgk, will do that now ‘3’

      Diana was victoria’s original name waaay in the alpha build, we may have missed changed her name prompts. Will fix it in the next build.
      Glad you enjoyed the game, and sorry about the difficulty. It was somehtign we added after the intial release so it wasnt a focus during development (nor was makign the game hard). In fact, with such a narrow time limit, balancing was all we could manage, and even then we get mixed impressions from different players about difficulty.

      It is not possible to defeat the trap chest, no. You must be a decent person and give it back what’s his >d

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