Here are the links to all my existing game projects (that I care to share, the old cancelled ones are obviously sealed and kept in a box, deep in a swiss safe so no one can see my shame). The banners lead to the game pages over the official RPG Maker Web forum, but there’s also a link below for the RMN site pages (in case you prefer that site or the download is not working for you and you need another source).

Complete games:

A short, complete game (full scene) made for the Scene Contest some time ago.  [RMN link here]

RPG/comedy game made for the 2012 Halloween contest. [RMN link here]

Prequel to “In Search of Dragons”. A short adventure game made for the 2012 August Mystery contest. [RMN link here]

Games in development:

Ongoing, short game in VXACE. Will be finished in a couple of months. [RMN link here]

Other projects:

On hiatus due to other projects. Will probably get reavmped at some point. [RMN link here]

The unified setting project over at RMW. Come join us to make a game world!


7 responses to “Games

    • Well, basically it’s ongoing. I’m not able to work on it full time due to some other projects taking my time (All I can say is Halloween contest and future teamwork! With some luck I will have something to show soon).
      I should be able to post a solid update about progress on Dragons somewhere after october.

      In any case, it’s ongoing, in the quiet work phase. Adding events, balancing, polishing, fixing. It’s not dead, don’t worry!

    • Can’t say :/
      In Search of Dragons has been stopped because we had run into an humongous wall called “no motivation”. It’s sort of a difficult situation for us (that I won’t go in depth with becuase no one cares XD)
      Lorelai Queen is on indefinite hiatus, so there is a possiblity it may never be finished: if I ever retake the game I’ll probably make it a visual novel/adventure game rather than a traditional RPG.

      As it is we’re too busy with new, more profitable (soon!) projects to sitck back. Believe me, we tried to force the Issue wth dragons and accomplished nothign but an humongous block. All I can say is: Dragons WILL be finished, even If i have to spit teeth to do it eventually.

      In the meanwhile we’re already back in development with new projects. News of the current one will be out soon when we have pretty stuff to show rather than just maps XD

      Sorry for the delays, just hang in there and trust us ;D

  1. Hi Indra!
    I’m a huge fan of In Search of Dragons. Does it still in development ? D: I want to know the end of the story. (I wish Owen will escape his future bride to go out with Keith and both of them will live a lot of adventures and…/SHOT/)
    Luv ;u;

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