Leaving forever and ever…till friday

So. I’m going away. Forever. I shall never be coming back. Feel free to mourn the loss of my lovely existence…till friday. When I shall resume my existence back here as usual.

Sillyness aside, I’m taking a trip with my mother to Amsterdam and I’ll be away completely. (Leaving tuesday morning and returning  thursday very late at night). I’m not quite sure how the whole thign will go but, eh, mothers: can’t refuse them OTL

Anyway, I’ll leave some screenshots of the Mysterious August Contest project here to show I haven’t been idle! (mostly).

The player’s sprite is just a placeholder, so don’t mind it. I know you can’t tell much from them, but it IS a mystery game :D

I can’t say much without spoiling since th “mystery” is in large part discovering what the fuck is going on, but overall: you, a girl kid called Sanyu and doesn’t speak, have seven days to explore and investigate, and depending on how much you discover during that period, the endin rolls differently.

Progress wise…it’s going well, I think. Most of the tricky stuff like configuring the gabs for rumours and lighting effects are done, only the writing and eventing is left. It’s no meant to be a long game, and the first day (and night) out of seven total is done, so I THINK I will be able to finish it in time when i come back from the trip (9 days is a long time…let’s go with that ;M;)
Anwyay, cya peeps…on friday ;3


Brief Hiatus, BUT CONTEST!

Hey! So I’ve been sick, whoo! Well I have been fucking useless for like a week due to a godamn flu, fever, and stomach trouble, and as I get back up, BAM! Contest >I

So yeah, I’m entering the Mysterious August Contest. I won’t be working on Dragons while this goes on, but since the deadline is september 9th it’s not so long. With some luck I will finish before that.

Will be posting screenshots and stuff of the contest entry when I have some ready. For now I’ll just say: mapping with the samurai set sucks BALLLLLSSSSS.

Yonelmi Temple plot events: finished!

Oh ye gods, FINALLY! The Yonelmi temple (aka the dungeon that carried the heavy, heeeeavy gross of the plot events) has all its obligatory plot events DONE!

*happy potato dance*
So, next stop: sidequests, subplots, polishing of the plot events that may have been a bit wobbly, and then the last dungeon.

Granted, the last dungeon is ENORMOUS and there is a ton of stuff to revise, but I’m optimistic: they’re not complicated to explain or have much “mystery” involved, so writing them is not as hard, and therefore not such a bitch.

Also most of the “secret” stuff are things I really enjoy, so I expect eventing them will go much more smoothly than the boring “tie loose threads before advancing to last dungeon” obligatory events.  Also going through the game again and adding purdy crap is simply awesome XD

Will be posting a few screens of the new content, sidequests, encoutner detection system and diary when I have them ready. Look forward to them :3

Endless Eventing

Well, now working on the GROSSLY SPOILERISH, HUGE, LONG, MOTHERHUGGING COMPLICATED end to the temple plot arcs.

It’s long. It’s complex. It encompasses both the normal and the true routes.

It’s a fucking pain, is my point.

Here’s a little something I did with Scianaya’s “fallen position” edits of the chars. Because I can.

Really out of character scene for Owen. But hey, I’m a yaoi addict, and that scene at the Inn raised a lot of questions, so psh~

[No, don’t panic. This is not in the game.]