Holiday season

So, hey!

I’ve been quiet for a while, as promised.

I’m doing fine with work, even sneaking some tinkering on Dragons when I have the time.

Today I merely wanted to share this. It’s my family outing of the season, so to speak.

Only, it’s a cave. Like, a real one you can visit.

Not a videogame, is what I mean.

Yeah, my family is…special. In a good way, I guess.

Anyway, here you go, have a pic album with comments and all ->


Will be buried under a pile of maps till January ends

So, sadly this is a public notice: I will not be available for developing my own games or taking new commissions until February.

The reason is extremely simple: I’ve accepted a HUGE map commission with a deadline, and it will absorb 90% of my entire time. I will resume development as soon as I finish, and with some luck (of PLEASE) I’ll be able to bat Dragons out of the “In progress” label and in to the “FUCKIGN COMPLETED BAYBEH, OH YISS!” box.

On other news! I finished another commissioned area and it came out nice enough that I feel I can confidently show it off. Here it is! (Map now belongs to Rengoku).

Click here to view! (It’s too big to just show here).