So I just spent 15 hours working…

Eventing, you SUCK BALLS.

Writing too, but eventing most of all OTL

After 15 (probably more, but I can’t be arsed to narrow it down) hours of almost non stop work of writing and eventing and testing to infinity, I finished the gross of the interlude.

Its…big. Long. Oh my god I’m going to get lynched for this.

Deckiller tested it and it took him around 25 minutes. That’s 25 minutes of SCENE, no battles in between.

I am actually proud of the scene itself, but the sheer lenght of it makes me think it will totally alienate more action oriented players (wait, do action oriented playes give a shit about my games?)

The whole work sprint was due to a last minute “OMG LETS DO THIS OR CRASH AND BURN” impulse for the Arum contest. I had given up, but this morning I went all “RUUUUSH”.

Yeah, for your information it’s SO LATE it’s early. It’s 7AM and I’m going to bed after I finish writing this. I’m not entirely coherent at the moment. I think my safest bet is to just shut up and go to bed.

Tomorrow (if I manage to emerge from death sleep BEFORE the deadline) I’ll try to get the rest for a sizeable chunk of new content ready for the contest, lessee if that works >I


Indrah’s magical porn adventures!

Despite the (intentionally) misleading topic title, no, I didn’t DO porn.
I wrote it. Long story short, I was prompted by extremely evil temptresses (who shall remain anonymous because I’m feeling charitable) to write up a pron fanfic. I went with yaoi, because I don’t like boobs and I didn’t feel like writing about them, and…well, I made an extrmeely lame rage comic to illustrate my experience.

Warning: contains abundant swearing and references to sex. If you can’t tolerate that, don’t read.

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Let’s see how this goes >,<

So! Uh…I made a blog? Yeah don’t ask me, it seemed like a good idea at the time, no telling if it will survive. It’s April 2012 today, let’s see how long I rmemeber this exists XD

Anwyay, I wanted some place to store my stuff without having to constantly upload stuff like images and a place to show all the absolutely useless stuff I make from time to time, so that’s it :D

So what will I doing? If all goes well, progress reports (and rants) about my ongoing games, rants/reviews about manga/anime, showcasing resources…maybe? I’m not sure, we’ll see how it turns out.

Anwyay, please be nice to me from now on.  m(_ _)m