So…how about another game?

So…it’s been two months. I don’t suppose you’d like to play another game? Because…well.

Now with a big ass banner I’m way too lazy to crop! Look, it’s been three days of absolute mayhem, lay off ;A;

Do…do I really need to say much? It’s an rpg, with comedy (and serious, this time!) elements. CTB, 2-3 hours of gameplay, four characters with radically different classes and a nice storyline…and I’m way too tired to even try to come up with a selling pitch. Read the topic for details, download the game, and most importantly…

Please give us your feedback!

That is all. Go on and enjoy the game.


That’s it, fuck contests OTL

It’s 4 30 AM, and again I finish an unhealthy gamedev stint.

It’s official. I am incapable of working at a normal, healthy pace. It’s either RUUUUUUSH or nothing.

Anyway, finished the entry demo for the Arum contest. In Search for Dragons, Demo 3.

Basically it’s one extra dungeond and a LOT of cutscenes. New gameplay should be around an hour.

I will freely admit I didn’t test the battles myself so much, so they may be a bit iffy, but at this time I am so far gone I give 0 fucks. I’ll fix it another day when I’m not sleep deprived and have a deadline looming over me OTL

Anyway, for those interested, here it is:

If you had an old save from Demo2 it should work. Just plonk it in the folder.

And with that, I’m hazing out for the day.

*collapses in a puddle of exhausted goo*

Edit 1/5/2012

Know what’s awesome? When a big bug that breaks gameplay sneaks by you while on the crunch. Aw yiss.

Anwyay, fixed. There was a switch error in the second dungeon, making a blockade appaear and preventing you from fighting the boss, leaving you stumped. Fixed the download so just press the button~

Big thanks to Scinaya for warning me about the bug OTL

So I just spent 15 hours working…

Eventing, you SUCK BALLS.

Writing too, but eventing most of all OTL

After 15 (probably more, but I can’t be arsed to narrow it down) hours of almost non stop work of writing and eventing and testing to infinity, I finished the gross of the interlude.

Its…big. Long. Oh my god I’m going to get lynched for this.

Deckiller tested it and it took him around 25 minutes. That’s 25 minutes of SCENE, no battles in between.

I am actually proud of the scene itself, but the sheer lenght of it makes me think it will totally alienate more action oriented players (wait, do action oriented playes give a shit about my games?)

The whole work sprint was due to a last minute “OMG LETS DO THIS OR CRASH AND BURN” impulse for the Arum contest. I had given up, but this morning I went all “RUUUUSH”.

Yeah, for your information it’s SO LATE it’s early. It’s 7AM and I’m going to bed after I finish writing this. I’m not entirely coherent at the moment. I think my safest bet is to just shut up and go to bed.

Tomorrow (if I manage to emerge from death sleep BEFORE the deadline) I’ll try to get the rest for a sizeable chunk of new content ready for the contest, lessee if that works >I