A short (lieeees) origin story: Indrah and Rpg Maker

So, there’s a sort of contest/promotion going over at RMW, and I thought it was interesting. Basically it asks to expose your experience with Rpg Maker, and since that’s something I’ve gone on about many times in poor, innocent topics in the forum who had done me no wrong, I don’t see how it can hurt to just SPEW everything here.

Warning: read on to find insane amounts of text (and links)

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News, shops, progress

So, what have I been doing?

Comissions, Halloween Entry, rereading One Piece.

Let’s go one at a time. I finally gathered by courage and plunged into the world of fame and money and opened a map comissions shop. If you feel your mapping is not up to par with your project, hey, you can hire me! There’s a bunch of examples and testimonials you can read to see if my skill is what you need or not. Check it out:

Indra’s Mapping Workshop

Next. Archeia Nessiah started a very interesting topic at RMW, the Game Making Drive. Basically it’s a community log where people write down their regular (this is the important bit) game development. It’s a good way to motivate productivity and to get some publicity out there, so I got in. You can read my progress on the Halloween contest entry on the same topic or in my RMW blog. (I made one there so I would not swamp this one with minor dev rants.)

And…I’ve been reading One Piece. Lay off, it’s a great manga and it’s not like I can pull 17 hour dev stints ALL THE DARN TIME. I’d die! ;M;

Anyway, back to work! Deadline is the 30th (or 31? I forget) so we’re busting it out over our contest entry right now. I finished the mapping (mostly, what’s left still needs to have Fomar look at it) and working on the writing and events now, while Fomar is wailing at the gameplay. (Have I commented on how nice it is that I don’t have to worry about gameplay or scripts? Because it totally is.)