Indrah Lady Potato

Age:  25 (Born february of the 87)

Gender: Female

Nationality: Spanish

Occupation: Full time couch potato (aka unemployed)

Interests: Game developing, Gaming, Manga/Anime, Yaoi, pr0n, Scin, etc.

Eeeh, lesse. I made this blog to have somewhere to throw my stupid clutter at, rant…and such. Thats why people make blogs, yeah? :I

Anyway, I kinda make LOTS of typos, so don’t be too surprised at that. I’m also kind of a bitch too, so go away if you can’t handle that :D

And before anyone asks about my nick I got attached to “Indra” before I even knew what it was supposed to be (it’s an hindu god btw). When I tried to register it, it was taken most of the time, so I attached a “Lady Potato” at the end (hey, it seemed amusing at the time). Later the same thing happened and I started adding an “h” at the end of Indra, and it kind of stuck, so eh.

I usually hang out at the Rpg Maker Web forums, and sometimes (less often), at RMN.


I added a new avatar but I still wanted to display this~ She’s my (sort of) community character, Hadri:


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