The Grumpy Knight Re-release! (Did I srsly forget a title for a big deal release omg)

Take 2: the rebirth! Actually no.

Behold as I completely missed mentioning we released a new build of The Grumpy Knight! Shows how lazy I was at the time.

Anyway, we improved the overall and more stuff: made a new character to recruit, a new boss, new equipment, added difficulty levels, and hey, my personal favourite: online achievements! (Fomar made a really cool script for it, pity my graphic skill is a bit lame in comparison XD)

So go go get it and get an online account for them achievementssss~ We’ll be re-releasing all our completed games this way, so achievements for all~

What else…I’ll be honest: after released In Search of Immortality I was a lazy bitch for an entire month. Sad, but true. I seem to have shaken off my funk, thankfully, and we’re pounding In Search of Dragons at the moment. I’m going over the entire thing and cutting fluff, fixing shit, building new things here and there…Not entirely rebuilding, but some heavy work. With some luck we’ll manage to cut off some of the unnecessary parts and streamline it all…I hope.  Fomar will also be taking over gameplay, so expect a system similar to Immortality with heaps of improvement! (Plus it’s a longer game, meaning more battles to develop gameplay~)

And…stuff. I’ll spare you guys the details and will put up some more stuff at a time when I’m more coherent.


Edit: Ohmagad I srsly forgot to pout a title in the fucking post, wtf fail XDD


So…how about another game?

So…it’s been two months. I don’t suppose you’d like to play another game? Because…well.

Now with a big ass banner I’m way too lazy to crop! Look, it’s been three days of absolute mayhem, lay off ;A;

Do…do I really need to say much? It’s an rpg, with comedy (and serious, this time!) elements. CTB, 2-3 hours of gameplay, four characters with radically different classes and a nice storyline…and I’m way too tired to even try to come up with a selling pitch. Read the topic for details, download the game, and most importantly…

Please give us your feedback!

That is all. Go on and enjoy the game.

“Dead Moon Night” complete and ready to download!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is official: Dead Moon Night is finished.

Clicky on the purdy skelly below to go to game topic and DOWNLOAD THE GAME, PEOPLES!

Posted Image

So, this is what I’ve been doing for a month instead of working in In Search for Dragons. Blame the halloween contest ;M;

And it may not be perfect, but let’s be honest, we had a severe cased of “Omg deadline closing in” and half the fucking game was done in a week so give me a break, it’s good enough.

So, this little bastard sapped my creative juices for a month. Do you know what comes next, now that it’s over? In Search of Dragons!

No, wait. I have a commission to do. Derp. Oh well, I may fondle Dragons a few minutes a day just to keep myself happy. Owen, I’m coming for you. Wait for me! ;m;

So yeah, just…go play the darn game and give me yo feedbacks, peeps and peepettes.

Oh, hey! I’m still alive. Sorry for the wait, have a completed game as an apology.

So. I’m alive. I’m sure you guys didn’t see it coming. I know some peeps have no patience so here, just click on it:

Are you still here? Really? Wow, thanks! Anyway, last time I posted anything was…the Amsterdam trip. Ha.

Well, I went, I came back (I am not a good tourist, sorry).

It was okay except for the fact I had a cough and bowel trouble, later on back at home the trouble persisted, I got lazy, lost all my motivation to work on the Mystery Contest entry I had prepared so far…

A week before the deadline for the contest I decided it was sink or swim (I don’t think this has ever NOT happened as far as I’m concerned). I tried to work a bit on the game but my heart simply wasn’t in it.

But then came heavenly intervention! Only not really. I talked to Fomar0153 (he does awesome scripts, I added a link to his blog, be sure to check it out!), who had also been preparing and entry of his own and also had lost steam. We jokingly talked about pairing up, but then decided it was an awesome idea.

But we didn’t know what to make. None of our initial ideas appealed, and then Fomar said “why not make a prequel to In Search of Dragons?”

Well…it went quite well. We finished the game in four days, it’s not absolute perfection but I rather like it and so do the other people who’d played it.

Long winded narration aside: just go get it! I promise it’s at least funny.  The game is a direct prequel to In Search of Dragons.

Click on the bigass banner at the beggining of the post to go to the gamepage at the official forum or click here to download it from RMN.

And that’s all for now! Be sure to tell me your thoughts. And…see if you can spot a new character coming in to In search of dragons.

Hint: Patience pays off~

Anyway, I’m off to do work for In Search of Dragons. Man, I’ve been meaning to do this for so long (what with not wanting to ditch the Mystery contest I didn’t want to work on it) now I don’t know where to begin ;M; Wish me luck!

Leaving forever and ever…till friday

So. I’m going away. Forever. I shall never be coming back. Feel free to mourn the loss of my lovely existence…till friday. When I shall resume my existence back here as usual.

Sillyness aside, I’m taking a trip with my mother to Amsterdam and I’ll be away completely. (Leaving tuesday morning and returning  thursday very late at night). I’m not quite sure how the whole thign will go but, eh, mothers: can’t refuse them OTL

Anyway, I’ll leave some screenshots of the Mysterious August Contest project here to show I haven’t been idle! (mostly).

The player’s sprite is just a placeholder, so don’t mind it. I know you can’t tell much from them, but it IS a mystery game :D

I can’t say much without spoiling since th “mystery” is in large part discovering what the fuck is going on, but overall: you, a girl kid called Sanyu and doesn’t speak, have seven days to explore and investigate, and depending on how much you discover during that period, the endin rolls differently.

Progress wise…it’s going well, I think. Most of the tricky stuff like configuring the gabs for rumours and lighting effects are done, only the writing and eventing is left. It’s no meant to be a long game, and the first day (and night) out of seven total is done, so I THINK I will be able to finish it in time when i come back from the trip (9 days is a long time…let’s go with that ;M;)
Anwyay, cya peeps…on friday ;3

Yonelmi Temple plot events: finished!

Oh ye gods, FINALLY! The Yonelmi temple (aka the dungeon that carried the heavy, heeeeavy gross of the plot events) has all its obligatory plot events DONE!

*happy potato dance*
So, next stop: sidequests, subplots, polishing of the plot events that may have been a bit wobbly, and then the last dungeon.

Granted, the last dungeon is ENORMOUS and there is a ton of stuff to revise, but I’m optimistic: they’re not complicated to explain or have much “mystery” involved, so writing them is not as hard, and therefore not such a bitch.

Also most of the “secret” stuff are things I really enjoy, so I expect eventing them will go much more smoothly than the boring “tie loose threads before advancing to last dungeon” obligatory events.  Also going through the game again and adding purdy crap is simply awesome XD

Will be posting a few screens of the new content, sidequests, encoutner detection system and diary when I have them ready. Look forward to them :3

Insomnia= tutorial, and awesome avatar.

So, apparently not being able to sleep makes me receptive to tutorial writing urges. Six hours of insomnia and a couple more editing and submitting, and the Guide to simple tileset edits [Rearranging, clumping and recoloring] was born. Be sure to check it out if you want to customize your tilesets but don’t have awesome graphic editing skills.

Eventually I will make a copy of my tutorials on the blog. So far, I’m too darn lazy (and I slept like 3 hours today, so bite me).
On another note, the awesome, lovely, intensely sexy Scinaya has made this for me:

I won’t disclose much about the character, because spoilers :D

(Original design from Souichi, a japanese artist, drawn and modified by Scinaya).