A short (lieeees) origin story: Indrah and Rpg Maker

So, there’s a sort of contest/promotion going over at RMW, and I thought it was interesting. Basically it asks to expose your experience with Rpg Maker, and since that’s something I’ve gone on about many times in poor, innocent topics in the forum who had done me no wrong, I don’t see how it can hurt to just SPEW everything here.

Warning: read on to find insane amounts of text (and links)

I honestly don’t remember how I came to Rpg Maker or what program was the first I found. Probably Rmk, but I never used it more than an hour before getting tired of that and switching to doing something else. It must have been like…6 years ago? More? I honestly don’t know.

I didn’t start seriously considering game development until much, much later. VX was already out, but I used XP for a time, trying to make a GRAND EPIC GAME (like every other newbie out there) and obviously failing fast. [Luckily the result of that dark time is lost, so they can’t be used against me anymore.]

So then I moved on to VX. Previously I had never actually gotten past actually fiddling with maps, so when I finally started eventing scenes, it dawned on me I HAD NO IDEA of what I was doing. A few projects popped up and died, each with a few done maps and scenes before I invariably got out of the “initial excitement” phase and it became work, and I would drift off.

Eventually one project managed to grab my attention enough that I got anywhere with it: It was called Endless Tower, and it was about a mysterious, mute figure covered in rags whose face you could not see, that arrived to a isle where a mysterious tower had appeared. Long story short: various factions were trying to climb the tower, and each had a different ending…and so on. I never got past the initial actual development, but I did a truckload of maps for it, and that started to improve my mapping. That was about two years ago.

Many project ideas were worked on very briefly before dissolving. Next came a moderately successful (in terms of actual work, not popularity) project: Lafrenze (you can play the demo, but I warn you it’s probably not that good). I mapped all the maps in (pretty bad, thinking back) parallax, and I made a demo and all…and it got no reaction. I lost my drive at the lack of fame and glory and moved to something else.

The next thing that I actually put any work in was a Japanese themed rpg/dating sim tentatively called The Summoner. I got as far as an hour of intro (you can check it over here in my youtube channel, it’s hilariously long and old now).

From there on, I was UTTERLY CONVINCED I WAS AWESOME, and was quickly knocked on my ass by the sheer lack of response I got, but chugged on.

The japan project was soon eclipsed by yet another rising project: Lorelai, Queen, created roughly last year. Now this was finally the first solid, I shit you not, game I got anywhere with. I got a demo done, and it got some good reviews, and continued with plot eventing until the second chapter (of eight). It was going well: I had a firm direction, and drive, and good reviews…

But then, something happened. Something TERRIBLE.

RM VXACE came out, and I accidentally stumbled upon a contest, a little thing: make a scene around 5 minutes, no gameplay. Sounded like my kind of thing, so I pulled this little thing called The End of the Witch of Lorven.

I will be honest. I was, and still am, immensely proud of that little scene. It made me feel I was finally good enough to be a BIG GIRL DEV. It got a lot of video views and good reviews, so I was stoked. [Sadly a script error forced me out of the contest, the little sneak.]

With that, I started keeping an eye out for contests. I put out work for a tragedy contest, The Lord of Fire, which was sadly much less impressive (I admit being TERRIBLE at tragedies). And then, IT HAPPENED.

Over at RMN they made another two week contest with RMVXACE as prize. I started a game that SHOULD HAVE been short, but soon exploded out of proportion, forcing me to release only a demo for the contest (but hey, I got 2nd place!).

In Search of Dragons had been meant as a small side project, secondary to Lorelai, but it grew in my heart and I adopted it as my main project. It is still under development (and pretty far along!) and still suffering of tragic interruptions by, you guessed it, CONTESTS.

So yeah, you may have guessed I’m terrible at staying away from contests.

And…holy shit, would you look at this friggin’ wall of text. Nobody’s ever going to read this all. Let’s wrap this up before the poor patient peeps who’ve read up to here can finish.

Rpg Maker has become my main hobby and activity for two years now. I’ve gotten involved in the forums and have grown considerably as a developer: from being terrible and hating maps, I’ve come far enough to take mapping commissions. My dialog writing is pretty good, and my games, I think, are nowhere near bad, and actually pretty good, if not groundbreaking.

From not being able to hold a single project, I’m now working on my fourth short game (two were without gameplay, one was with no combat, In Search of Clues, a prologue to In Search of Dragons for a mystery contest.), a contest for Halloween. I have heavily worked and intend to finish both In Search of Dragons and Lorelai, Queen, and I have already formed a partnership with Fomar0153, and we’re planning to go commercial in the future. I’ve made a couple tutorials. I’ve gotten heavily involved in the creation of the shared RM universe of Arum.

So yeah, RMing is now close to the centre of my free time. I enjoy game making a LOT, and none of it would be possible without the Rpg Maker program, since I have zero interest or knowledge for actual coding. So here’s a toast to Enterbrain and Degica who brought us the program (and extra cookies for Ace, which is awesome).

So, if you have dreams of making your own game, or just wonder if you could fiddle with a game making program and get into that, get off your ass and MAKE YOUR OWN GAME!

Want to see some samples of my work? Here’s a few:


4 responses to “A short (lieeees) origin story: Indrah and Rpg Maker

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  2. I just played in search for clues and loved it. I’m pretty new at RPG Maker and thought looking at a few other games wouldn’t hurt, but I really forgot about learning and instead enjoyed your writing :D. And I wasn’t bored either :D
    Good luck with going commercial!

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