Yonelmi Temple plot events: finished!

Oh ye gods, FINALLY! The Yonelmi temple (aka the dungeon that carried the heavy, heeeeavy gross of the plot events) has all its obligatory plot events DONE!

*happy potato dance*
So, next stop: sidequests, subplots, polishing of the plot events that may have been a bit wobbly, and then the last dungeon.

Granted, the last dungeon is ENORMOUS and there is a ton of stuff to revise, but I’m optimistic: they’re not complicated to explain or have much “mystery” involved, so writing them is not as hard, and therefore not such a bitch.

Also most of the “secret” stuff are things I really enjoy, so I expect eventing them will go much more smoothly than the boring “tie loose threads before advancing to last dungeon” obligatory events.  Also going through the game again and adding purdy crap is simply awesome XD

Will be posting a few screens of the new content, sidequests, encoutner detection system and diary when I have them ready. Look forward to them :3


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