Progress ahoy

I’m getting shit done!

Finally! The temple is halfway done (scene wise) the puzzle is finished (mostly) and my god something that should have been so simply was suddenly NOT.

I said it but I have to say it again: I am a terrible puzzle eventer. Like, VERY bad >I

Also flavor text is hard to write OTL

Here, have  a few teaser screenies of sorts.

What else, what else. Ah, yeah. I’ve been thinking long and hard and I’ll be revamping a few things, such as the skills and combat system and encoutner rate, a few items, and overall databse work. This MEANS that old saves will NOT WORK as I had expected.

To make this more tolerable for people who already played the demos to completion, I’ll be adding stuff at the start of the game in the ways of skits and extra items and miniquests. Overall the payoff SHOULD be enough, but for those who absolutely can’t be arsed to play to their point again, I’ll send out the corresponding saves by PM to those who ask. Sorry about that. (but look forward to the new stuff)

So, next? Finishing the temple’s events. And the the next dungeon (last). And THEN all~ the sidequests and small stuff, and polishing, and…Well, the finish line is still some ways off, is what I’m saying OTL

But hey, at least now I’m working at a steady pace. That should count for a lot.


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