Back to the trenches

So, after…15 days I finally finished arsing around and I’m ready to go back to game development.

…Well, shit. I was expecting, MAYBE a week of rest, and suddently it’s inflated to two full weeks of doing NOTHING (except reading manga, watching anime, and playing games. But those don’t count, do they?)

I’ll be continuing to develop In Search of Dragons. If all goes well, the end is near…ish. There are only 3 dunegons left (only…uuugh). The mapping for one is done, and half of another too, so that’s less work…I hope.

Of course, after finishign the main plot events the sidequests and polishing will come…and shit will hit the fan. Of course OTL

In any case, this isn’ t so terrible, yes? I can do this! Yes I can! \@w@/


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