That’s it, fuck contests OTL

It’s 4 30 AM, and again I finish an unhealthy gamedev stint.

It’s official. I am incapable of working at a normal, healthy pace. It’s either RUUUUUUSH or nothing.

Anyway, finished the entry demo for the Arum contest. In Search for Dragons, Demo 3.

Basically it’s one extra dungeond and a LOT of cutscenes. New gameplay should be around an hour.

I will freely admit I didn’t test the battles myself so much, so they may be a bit iffy, but at this time I am so far gone I give 0 fucks. I’ll fix it another day when I’m not sleep deprived and have a deadline looming over me OTL

Anyway, for those interested, here it is:

If you had an old save from Demo2 it should work. Just plonk it in the folder.

And with that, I’m hazing out for the day.

*collapses in a puddle of exhausted goo*

Edit 1/5/2012

Know what’s awesome? When a big bug that breaks gameplay sneaks by you while on the crunch. Aw yiss.

Anwyay, fixed. There was a switch error in the second dungeon, making a blockade appaear and preventing you from fighting the boss, leaving you stumped. Fixed the download so just press the button~

Big thanks to Scinaya for warning me about the bug OTL


One response to “That’s it, fuck contests OTL

  1. I’m just happy I could help! D8 I left suddenly without testing it in time like I had promised I would.

    But honestly the result is as enjoyable as ever. The character development <3

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